Strategic Business Solutions, Inc. 
Complete survey support services. Questionnaire design, list management, data collection, analysis and reporting. Surveys are still the most common approach for gathering customer data. It is familiarity with the evolving mix of tools and techniques that can help move your research forward.
Surveys (Mobil, Phone, Web, Mail)
SBS, Inc. Strategic Planning support has been utilized by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Understanding the Where - Who - Potential of your current and prospective markets is the foundation for success.
Strategic Planning
Three types of Market Research
1. Single Site Feasibility Studies (C-stores, Motels, QSR's)
2. Growth Planning & Franchise Optimization
3. Municipal Market Analysis - (Community Economic Development)
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Feasibility Studies & Municipal Market Analysis
Full service focus group management. Client needs assessment, participant recruiting, moderation, analysis and reporting. Capture opinions and preferences from your most important customers and prospects.
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Online or Real Time Focus Group Management 
We design research projects that fit your specific management questions. Our experience with global, national and regional database management has a proven track record of success.
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Advanced Analysis & Predictive GIS Modeling 
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