Frquently Asked Questions


Client Question #1

How can we engage your services?

Usually there are three steps.

1. Exploration Meeting

We have a meeting or extended phone conversation that identifies your key questions and project scope.

2. Discussion Draft Proposal

We will create a draft proposal that covers the meeting issues and clearly explains the activities and deliverables.

Draft Proposals also include:

* Preliminary Pricing

* Estimated Timing

3. Engagement & Agreement

A contract for services is put into place that aligns with the agreed upon project scope.

Experience serving a variety of Industries.

Client Question #2

Can you share examples of SBS, Inc. research?

Sure we can!

We love to stay in tune with variety industries we also share periodic newsletters.

To see a recent list

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Customer Question #3

What makes Strategic Business Solutions, Inc. the right choice?

Client's tell us that our ability to help them answer complex questions in a way that is easy to understand often sets us apart!