How to Borrow Money

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We help Clients Be Prepared & Explore Multiple Funding Sources

Many viable projects stall when developers run into challenges related to funding options. We can often help!

Community Banks (HQ in your market)

While often the first choice for local developers, many community banks are reluctant or unable to meet the financing needs for new development. Therefore, while including them as a funding source option - we often look further.

Regional Banks (with office in area)

Regional Banks are a second source that may be more willing and able  to lend to a development. These banks are likely to have greater resources and capabilities to review different risk categories. 

In addition, they often have a branch location in the area - while maybe not in town.

Private & Specialty Lenders

Finally, there are several Non-Bank sources that are interested in reviewing financing of viable projects.  In fact, these sources often SPECIALIZE in specific types of loans, industries and scenarios.

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